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Anyone know a rain dance?

While all this warm weather makes for great back garden meet-ups and a pint in the local beer garden, it’s not great at all for allotment holders.

April is the growing month, when the soil warms up and seedlings take root. Bambi certainly wouldn’t be singing about April showers.

The extremes of weather so far this month are highly unusual indeed. April 2021 has seen many cold nights just above freezing and three times more frosts recorded than normal. This, combined with the distinct lack of rain is a worrying trend for getting things going, particularly at the time when young plants need it the most. Although there is some rain in the forecast next week, it doesn’t look to be a lot.

I suspect the next post will be talking about an absolute wash out in a few weeks and we’ll all be complaining things about seedlings damping off. Definitely less stressful heading to a beer garden...

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