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Our Plots

The allotment is home to full sized plots, although some are divided into half or 4 quarter plots, giving us over 120 plots in total.

Plots are managed by the plot holders throughout the year and plot holders are expected to maintain their plot to a good standard. There are inspections throughout the year by committee members to help maintain the standard of the site. 

Self filling water butts are available for use during the growing months and communal compost heaps are also on site. 

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In terms of getting a plot, it can be some wait with the popularity of allotments on the rise. Although it may look like some plots are vacant, if people have paid their rent for the year, that plot does still belong to them. We try to allocate plots as soon as possible, although we may choose to do some work before they are let out.

Current vacant plots: 0

Current number on waiting list: 13


Please complete this form in full. We will aim to contact you as soon as a plot becomes available. You will receive an automatic email response when you complete this form (please check your spam folder if not received).

Please remember that completing this form does not guarantee a plot and will place you on the waiting list.

Whilst we hold a waiting list, plots are restricted to the residents of Clifton, Rawcliffe and Skelton. Please make sure you have read through the rules and FAQ page before taking on a plot.

Please complete all sections including the email and telephone number fields.

Thanks for submitting!

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